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Buy augmentin 875 online - Buy augmentin in uk

Modify your live Unity app with a powerful framework, without having to rebuild or redeploy. Update application config settings, images, and content, easily send email or sms from your app, enjoy native metrics or rapidly create and publish APIs for dynamic data distribution.


Buy augmentin 875 online - Buy augmentin in uk

You know the drill. Launch is hours away, and your team has been working around the clock. Suddenly the last minute change requests start rolling in: make the logo bigger; that button is spelled wrong; turn off that popup, etc. We’ve all been there, and those moments were the foundation of BlackFrame.

Unity Framework
  • Cloud Based UI
  • Unity Plugin
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Game Backend
Database Management
  • Intuitive Interface for DB MGT
  • Nesting infrastructure
  • Publish to JSON
Dynamic API
  • Integrate 3rd party APIs
  • Publish APIs
  • Dynamic Flag APIs
  • User Registration
  • Custom Analytics
  • Flexible Polling


Unity Framework

Enables Unity developers to integrate server-side capabilities with their applications using APIs and a cloud-based interface

Powerful API-driven CMS

Update text, image and video content in your app, without having to output a new build

Hosted Databases

No need to create or host your own database or server—our intuitive UI makes configuration a breeze

AWS Integration

Integrate AWS servers on the fly without needing to create and configure your own instances

Analytics and Reporting

Built-in tools allow you to collect reporting information and analytics with a simple API call via a URL

Power Emailer

Easy email integration for your app – use our email server in conjunction with Mailchimp/Mandrill or SendGrid

Flexible Polling

Register users, collect survey data, ingest data streams and more


Integrate with Twilio to send SMS messages directly to your users

Flags API

Display country flags from a comprehensive list of countries with simple code calls